Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Dickson County Community Clinic

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 1 2011

 The mission of Dickson County Community Clinic is to extend kind and considerate primary healthcare to as many of the medically uninsured in Dickson and six surrounding counties as clinic hours and resources make possible.  The grant requested will be used to fund lab and pathology expenses, indirect costs, and covering the cost difference between the patient and physician specialist in instances where services rendered are not complimentary. A portion of the salaries and wages for DCC employees will also be supported by BHT funding. 804 of 1899 (42%) patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus will learn to monitor and control their disease. Illness specific classes, such as stress management, nutrition, and blood glucose testing, will provide patients with the skills to self-manage their disease, reduce the risk of disease-related complications, and allow them to lead healthier, more active lives.  474 of 947 (50%) patients, age 50 and older, will participate in annual colonoscopies. Patients found to have a surgical, oncological or other need will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

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