Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Hearing Bridges

Grant Amount: $50,000 - $100,000
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 19 2014

 Bridges began in Nashville in 1927 and is the only comprehensive, health and human service agency dedicated to providing a range of services for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.  The agency was originally established as a speech or lip-reading agency, and its 501(c)(3) was established in July of 1948.  Interpreting services, youth programming, education, outreach, case management, and wellness services are delivered at the agency and throughout 16 counties in middle Tennessee and three counties in southern Kentucky.  For 87 years the agency has worked to bridge the communication gaps between the hearing world and those with hearing loss of any level.   The agency’s outcomes include: In the Living Well program, at least 60 of 66 (90%) of customers will set personal wellness goals and will engage in a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills to promote positive health as demonstrated by improvements in mobility, endurance, and/or general health. The Case Management program will help at least 123 of 175 (70%) clients achieve resolution for one or more goal(s) within eight months of developing the case management plan.  

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