Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 


Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 23 2011

Founded in 1997 by the Rev. Becca Stevens, Magdalene is a community of love that provides housing, education and treatment for women with a history of prostitution, drug addiction and homelessness. The grant requested in this application will fund health care services and funding for a collaboration with Oasis Center and Room in the Inn for a full time psychiatric nurse practitioner to provide staff consultation and assessment, medication management and treatment for residents at each agency.  10 of 12 (83%) Magdalene participants will complete drug treatment 90 days prior to enrollment (while incarcerated or while enrolled in another program) or 6 months after enrollment in Magdalene. Of an estimated 135 individual clients seen in the collaborative practice over a 12 month period, 94 or 70% will maintain recovery or stability in their respective program (Magdalene, Oasis or Room In The Inn's Odyssey or Veteran's) as evidenced by continued residential status or successful program completion. Of an estimated 5 clients/week (260/year) that will be referred to the collaborative practice from RITI's Guest House for medication stabilization, 50% will exhibit increased stability in mood and maintain sobriety, allowing successful  transition and commitment to treatment or a residential setting.

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