Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Monroe Harding

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 1 2011

 Founded in 1893, Monroe Harding, Inc. (MHI) is a comprehensive resource center for at-risk children and youth in state custody.  It guides and supports the most vulnerable children across a bridge to personal independence and success within a safe, nurturing environment. Its programs include foster care, residential housing, education, life skills training, career development, and parenting classes.  This grant will fund materials and staff support for educational programs that promote healing for youth aging out of foster care, including programs that encourage healthy cooking and nutritional choices, demonstrate the benefits of physical activity and exercise, foster sexual & reproductive health and advance healthy parenting.15 of 20 (75%) of the young women in parenting classes will gain knowledge about the importance of caring for themselves and develop skills to cope with parenthood.  45 of the 50 youth (90%) engaged in physical fitness and recreational activities will begin to incorporate exercise into their lives.  29 of 35 (83%) will gain critical knowledge about sexual and reproductive health.  Expected outcomes are that the incidence of STD's will be reduced, the tolerance of sexual abuse will be diminished, and the youth will understand how to be pro-active about family planning.

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