Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Park Center

Grant Amount: $50,000 - $100,000
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 19 2014

 Established in 1984, Park Center restores hope, provides opportunities and promotes recovery of persons with mental illness and co-occurring disorders through holistic services that focus on their needs, choices and strengths.  The agency’s outcomes include: Co-Occurring Services:  20 of 50 (40%) adults in 10-week IOP will successfully complete the program as evidenced by not meeting ASAM placement criteria due to improvements made since admission.  Individuals will also be offered an opportunity to complete a physical, TB test, training on medication management, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. 6 of 9 (74%) uninsured adults with psychiatric disabilities and/or co-occurring disorders will participate in individual counseling sessions, display a positive movement toward a decrease in symptoms, increase their coping skills to recognize and manage symptoms before a crisis occurs. Psychiatric Rehabilitation (3 day programs):  135 out of 233 (58%) adults with psychiatric disabilities will increase their knowledge of illness management by successfully creating a service plan and participating in Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP), Illness Management Recovery (IMR) or Eli Lilly educational groups.  The result is a reduction in hospitalizations/relapses and incarcerations for sustainable sobriety and/or recovery. Supported Employment:   60 of 113 (53 %) of adults with psychiatric disabilities will increase their self-sufficiency and independence. Emerging Adult Services:  10 of 45 (22%) of young adults with psychiatric disabilities will increase self-sufficiency by obtaining a job.  10 of 45 (22%) will enroll in GED classes, high school, college or vocational training.

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