Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 1 2011

 In partnership with area congregations, the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc. (PCCT), seeking to embody God's healing presence, provides a ministry of professional care to promote healing and growth for those who need our services.  PCCT provides mental health and personal counseling with financial assistance for those in need. It also provides enrichment, and clergy and caregiver clinical training through pastoral counselors services.  The grant requested will fund the implementation of a  Psychiatric Medical Services Clinic and financial assistance to low-income clients.90% of those in therapy and receiving medication services  (or 250 of 278) will show improvement in their situation or issues as indicated by GAF (Global Assessment Functioning) or GARF (Global Assessment Relational Functioning) scores by 10 points at the termination of treatment.90% (250 of 278) of people who complete a course of care with PCCT will state their lives have improved as a result of counseling on an annual client satisfaction survey.

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