Grant Recipients
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Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee

Grant Amount: $50,000 - $100,000
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 19 2014

 Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc. was created in 1985 and exists to restore lives to wholeness-mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  To accomplish this important work they seek to: 1) Provide excellent professionally licensed psychotherapy to any individual, couple or family in our community. 2) Offer help and healing from a heart of compassion and personal faith that accepts and respects the beliefs of every individual with whom we work.  The funds requested in the application will support salaries & wages and payroll benefits, supplies, professional development, professional services, and interdisciplinary consulting necessary to provide 484 of 2,162 sessions of pastoral psychotherapy for clients only able to pay an average of $21 per session according to our sliding scale. The agency’s outcomes include: 183 of 203 clients (90%) clients will show an improvement of at least 5 points on the GAF scale after attending a minimum of 6 sessions or upon termination of counseling.   162 of 270 clients (60%) will demonstrate successful completion of more than half of their treatment goals (or complete 1 goal, if only one goal is set) by the time of termination. Though treatment goals are tailored for each individual client's needs and thus vary greatly, an example of goals could be for an abusive husband to learn and apply anger management skills such as Stop Action (temporarily removing oneself from the situation) or Redirection (changing the immediate conversation subject until calm is achieved).

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