Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Shade Tree

Grant Amount: $50,000 - $100,000
Grant Term: 1 Year
Feb 28 2013

 Since 2005, Shade Tree Clinic (Vanderbilt University School of Medicine's student-run free health clinic) has committed to caring for an uninsured and underinsured community with high rates of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The grant requested in this application will be used to fund salary, transportation, and supplies including laboratory testing supplies and disease management supplies. 61 of 82 (75%) diabetic patients will attend a scheduled retinal exam within the past 12 months. 61 of 82 (75%) diabetic patients will have reduced their A1c by at least 0.5% or be at goal A1c (< 7.0%). 37 of 62 (60%) STCCP patients with high cholesterol (LDL >130) will be at goal LDL <=130.

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