Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

St. Thomas Health Services Fund (Doula Program)

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 4 2012

 Baptist Hospital, a member of Saint Thomas Health, is the largest not-for-profit community hospital in Middle Tennessee, licensed for 683 acute and rehab care beds.  Aligned with STHe mission to provide access to healthcare for the poor and vulnerable, Baptist is initiating a Doula program for uninsured and insured women.  The grant requested in this application will be used to fund contractual fees for Doula services for uninsured and low-income women as well as funds also being applied towards Doula training and certification for the development of the program.  1) Within 12 months time, Baptist Hospital reports a decreased epidural use by 25% and decreased Cesarean section by 10% for women who use a doula as compared to those who do not use doula services.  2) Within 12 months, 80% of the women who work with a doula (approximately 80) report postpartum a 90% positive birth experience.  3) Within 12 months Baptist Hospital reports an increase of 10% (or 67 women) breastfeeding upon discharge from the hospital.

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