Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

STARS Nashville

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 23 2011

Established in 1984, STARS works within our schools and communities to help all students overcome social and emotional barriers to learning.  Through our Student Assistance Program (SAP) we are able to provide loving support to any student dealing with issues of substance abuse, violence, and bullying.   The grant requested in this application will be used to fund part of the salaries of the counselors providing services through the Youth Overcoming Drug Abuse program (a program formerly affiliated with the Alcohol and Drug Council.) 60 out of 70 (87%) youth served will report after 60 days, an increase at least two protective factors from substance abuse including positive peer support, drug resistance skills, family connectivity and emotional support so that the likelihood of transition from drug use to drug abuse is reduced. 35 of 70 (50%) will report two or more of the following indicators of abstinence from substance abuse at a six month interview; involvement with a peer support group or mentor, disengagement from the criminal justice system, increased employment or scholastic activities, and improved school or job attendance.

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