Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Tennessee Justice Center

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 23 2011

The Tennessee Justice Center, established in 1995, advocates on behalf of Tennessee families in need in areas of public policy having the greatest impact on their health and welfare; by means which afford clients opportunities to make their own voices heard; and in ways which emphasize collaboration across lines of race, class and generation. The requested grant will fund a portion of the salary and benefits for the  LEASE lead-staff-person and the staff attorney. 45 of 53 children (85%) will receive needed health care or get enrolled in public health insurance.  Appeals will be filed whenever appropriate. About 60% of cases require appeals (32 of the 53 resolved cases), which often lead to provision of needed care. Referrals to supplementary service providers/ administrative agencies are made 100% of the time it is appropriate. About 70% of cases require referrals (37 of the 53 resolved cases). In the other 30%, no referral is needed. 90% of the families and advocates attending LEASE presentations will demonstrate knowledge of their rights (including how and when to file appeals for services).

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