Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Urban Housing Solutions

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 1 2011

Founded in 1991, Urban Housing Solutions, Inc. provides affordable rental housing and supportive services to low-to-moderate income residents of the Nashville area.  Its residents include the formerly homeless, those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, people with mental illness, those living with HIV/AIDS, and other individuals and families who simply need an affordable place to call home.  It currently operates 22 properties, including one group home and 21 apartment complexes, with over 800 rental units.  The grant requested will be used to fund a portion of the health advocate's salary, benefits, and related costs.  21 of 35 (60%) residents who are linked to a medical home by the HA will attend one or more appointments and/or decrease their ambulance or emergency room usage for non-emergency needs.  26 of 30 (85%) students training for medical professions who prepare or lead health workshops for our residents will demonstrate an increased understanding of the issues facing disadvantaged communities. 12 of 20 (60%) residents who have been assessed as medically vulnerable or fragile will move up one or more levels in the health category of the self-sufficiency matrix by their next assessment.

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