Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Urban Housing Solutions

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Dec 4 2012

 Urban Housing Solutions, Inc., founded in 1991, provides affordable rental housing and supportive services to low-to-moderate income residents of the Nashville area.  The grant requested in this application will be used to fund a portion of the health advocate's salary, benefits, and related costs. 21 of 35 residents (60%) who are linked to a medical home by the HA will attend one or more appointments and/or decrease their ambulance or emergency room usage for non-emergency needs. 20 of 33 residents (60%) identified by our partners at our health fair screenings as needing follow-up care will be linked to it.  26 of 30 students (85%) training for medical professions who prepare or lead health workshops for our residents will demonstrate an increased understanding of the issues facing disadvantaged communities.  12 of 20 residents (60%) who have been assessed as medically vulnerable or fragile will move up one or more levels in the health category of the self-sufficiency matrix by their next assessment.

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