Grant Recipients

Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics

Grant Amount: $100,000 - $250,000
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jun 23 2011

The Center for Biomedical Ethics's mission is to provide leadership in education, research, and clinical service at VUMC concerning the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of medicine, health care, and health policy.  The Center is committed to multi-disciplinary exploration of the individual and social values, cultural dynamics, and legal and professional standards that characterize and influence clinical practice and biomedical research.  The Center aims to be a catalyst for collaboration in teaching, research, and practice at Vanderbilt and to contribute to scholarship and policy making from the local to the international level.  These funds are part of the Baptist Healing Trust's Strategic Medical Education Initiative and will be used to support: direct patient services and education at UNHS Northeast Clinic,  education of students in Vanderbilt's Program in Interprofessional Learning (VPIL), education of medical students in the "Healer's Art" curriculum, education of medical residents in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), and research in Vanderbilt's Intensive Care Units (ICUs). 

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