Grant Recipients
Grant Type: 

Woodbine Community Organization

Grant Amount: $50,000 and under
Grant Term: 1 Year
Jul 31 2006

The Woodbine Community Organization was established over 60 years ago in a historically multi-cultural neighborhood and currently serves 1,000 native and foreign born residents through agency programs and collaborative efforts. The mission of the WCO is to empower the people of Woodbine and the surrounding communities to improve their lives. The grant is to fund the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker program to promote healthy lifestyles among economically disadvantaged pregnant women and families with young children up to three years of age. 70 young mothers will receive at least 10 home visits by trained peer outreach workers who will provide encouragement, education, and assistance in advocating for the family. 75% of babies born to participants will be of normal birth weight, and 85% of the 70 children will be up to date on immunizations and well baby checkups at one year of life.

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