Small Grant

Small Grants are $20,000 or less. These grants are for programs that include clear goals, timelines, and measurable health outcomes. Health outcomes show the impact that the program has had on its participants.


The Small Grant application is our shortest application and does not have a preliminary application. However, applicants must speak with a member of the program staff before applying to make sure that the program will fit our interests. Agencies may only have one Small Grant or a regular Transom Grant at any given time.

Applying organizations must have sustainable programs that fit into one or more of our areas of interest:
1. Physical Health (Must provide direct clinical services, caregiver support, or health system navigation through the Get Covered TN initiative to apply under physical health)
2. Mental Health
3. Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Addiction
4. Healing from Abuse, Neglect, or Violence

1. Basic Instructions

Click “begin” to start your application. You will need your agency’s Tax ID number to begin the application. Please remember to update and save after modifying any of the fields. We also suggest that you save your text in a Microsoft Word document.

2. Required Forms

For our Small Grant, please download these required forms and documents required as part of the application process.

3. Application Details

Small Grants do not have a preliminary application. The complete application is due on the Full Proposal Deadline. If you would like to speak with a program staff member before applying to (make sure that the program fits our interests), please contact no later than 1 month prior to the full proposal deadline to schedule the meeting.
Organization Information

  1. Identify your organization, including: name, mailing address, phone, and fax, as well as a 100-word description of your organization and its mission.

Contact Information

  1. Indicate the primary contact for this request.
  2. Indicate your organization’s Executive Director. This is your organization’s highest-ranking salaried position. Position could also be titled President or CEO.

Executive Summary

  1. Describe the project or program for support and how the work will be accomplished. Please limit your response to 250 words.
  2. Describe your organization’s experience in reaching, engaging, and serving the target population. Please limit your response to 250 words.
  3. Describe the time-frame or timeline upon which your program/project will occur. Please limit your response to 100 words.
  4. Describe any collaborative partners* and/or funds. Please limit your response to 100 words.

Needs Assessment

  1. Give evidence illustrating community need for the program and detail how the community will benefit. Use documented statistics and research when possible. Please list the social and economic costs of the problem that you seek to address. Provide demographic information regarding your target population. Provide specific information that demonstrates that the target population is vulnerable. Please limit your response to 500 words.

Project/Program Description

  1. What is the title of your project/program?
  2. What is the total amount of support requested from The Trust?
  3. What is the total budget for this project/program?
  4. Which of The Trust’s current interests best matches your project/program?
  5. When will this project/program start?
  6. Which geographic area is served by your project/program?
  7. What population is served by your project/program?
  8. What are the goals of your project/program? (250 word limit)
  9. What are the outputs of your project or program? (250-word limit)
  10. What activities are necessary to complete the project/program? (250-word limit)
  11. What are the measurable expected outcomes of the project/program? (250-word limit)
  12. Describe what evaluation tools your organization will use to measure your outcomes. (250-word limit)
  13. Include a biographical sketch for any new proposed program staff or staff being funded by The Trust (250-word limit)

Project Financial Information

  1. Budget Justification: Give a detailed description of what is included on each line item and how the totals per line item were reached. (750-word limit)
  2. Sustainability: If we provided the grant at the requested level, what is your revenue plan to cover additional program costs? Please include sources such as earned income, other grant funders, individual giving, event income and the likelihood of receiving such funds. If this program were not funded by this grant, how would you proceed with the program? If you received Trust support in the recent past, detail your progress in raising the money that you intended to raise as outlined in your previous application. (500-word limit).
  3. List the name and title of staff/board member(s) in your agency that are able to access the agency’s secured checks. Describe how the checks are physically secured. List the name/title of staff/board member(s) that enter data (e.g. code checks, etc.) into the agency’s accounting system. Describe the accounting software used by the agency. Please describe how the accounting system data is backed up and how frequently back-ups are made. How are the back-ups secured? (100 word limit)
  4. Please list the name and title of the staff/board member(s) that prepare the monthly bank reconciliations(s). List the staff/board member that receives the monthly bank statements. Please list the individuals that review the bank reconciliation(s). Does the agency process its own payroll or does it use an external vendor? Please list the staff/board member responsible for entering payroll or submitting the payroll information to the outside vendor. Please list the name/title of staff/board member charged with approving time sheets. List the name and title of staff/board member(s) that receive and review monthly payroll reports. (250 word limit)List the name and title of the staff/board member(s) that are authorized to sign checks on behalf of the agency. Please describe how many signatures are required on checks. Please list the name and title of the staff/board member(s) that are responsible for approving invoices for payment. Please describe how frequently the board reviews the agency’s financial statements and other financial reports (payroll, expense listings, etc.). (100 word limit)

Required Attachments

  1. Application Budget Form
  2. Current Financial Statements (Unaudited Profit and Loss Statement) Please include aggregate year to date data rather than month by month statements.
  3. Current Financial Statement (Unaudited Balance Sheet)

Optional Attachments

  1. Recent Letter(s) of Support from Collaborative Partners

Please contact Meredith Benton for questions about Small Grants that address healing from abuse, neglect, and violence at (615)284-8271 ext 115.

Please contact Catherine Smith for questions about Small Grants that address mental health and recovery from alcohol and drug addiction at (615)284-8271 ext 121.

Please contact Jennifer Oldham for questions about Small Grants that address physical health at (615)284-8271 ext 114.

We evaluate Small Grants based on responses to the following questions.

1. Is this program designed to benefit the health of individuals through near term direct services or through longer term structural enhancement efforts?

2. Do the values and mission of this project coincide with the mission and values of The Trust to promote compassionate, holistic care?

3. Does this program focus on health needs of underprivileged population(s)?

4. Does this program address an existing deficiency within the community?

5. How significant are the likely benefits of the program to community relative to the total cost?

6. Does the program have an actionable revenue plan?

7. Is the organization financially viable if Trust funding were to end?

8. Does this program have clear, measurable and realistic outcomes that indicate either a positive health change in a target population or outcomes that demonstrate progress towards long term structural improvement?

9. Are the infrastructure and leadership present for the program and organization’s long term success?

10. Does this program offer a spiritual/faith-based approach to care?

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