Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County

Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County was established in 1993 as an educational opportunity for the public to learn about dementia and caregiving in the home. It has evolved into a vital, radical loving care ministry and free nursing service to families suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the goals of the agency is to help the caregiver find quality respite care in their home, thus enhancing & extending the life of the caregiver and the Alzheimer’s victim. The agency believes that the family respite reimbursement program is a wonderful benefit and vital necessity for the families they serve. The grant requested in this application will be used to directly underwrite the family respite reimbursement program. The agency expects that, of the 15 families served on a regular basis, 14 families, or 93%, will report that they have the funds to pay for at least some respite care weekly and 12 families (80%) will note that their own health has improved and understand the importance of making their health a priority. At least 14 of the 15 (93%) of the families served will report positive satisfaction through completing a satisfaction survey at least once a year.