Charis Health Center

Charis Health Center of Wilson County seeks to serve compassionately the health needs of the uninsured. The center opened January 14, 2008 in Mt. Juliet, TN. Since then, the volunteers and staff offered compassion and mercy to each individual to benefit them physically, mentally, and spiritually. The funds requested in the application will support salary and payroll benefits for Nurse Practitioners, Certified Application Counselor and the Executive Director. In addition, funds will be used to assist the marketing awareness campaign and supplies needed for the program. 115 out of 150 (76%) chronically ill patients will return for follow-up visits and continued care by the end of the grant period. 75 out of 100 (75%) chronically ill patients will receive affordable medication through the prescription assistance program by the end of the grant program. (Increase of reduced rates for prescriptions, such as $4 generic drugs, patients have chosen to opt-out of participation in the prescription assistance program which covers name brand drugs to pay for generic drugs themselves.)