Dickson County Community Clinic


The mission of the Dickson County Community Clinic is to provide quality and compassionate primary healthcare to the medically uninsured in Dickson and surrounding counties. The clinic was organized in 2005 and obtained 501(c)3 status in June 2006. The clinic began seeing patients at the Dickson Health Department until 2009 when the clinic officially opened in their current location at Horizon Medical Center. The grant requested in this application will primarily be used to financially assist patients with screening and diagnostic testing. A portion of funds will also be used toward the salary of DCC employees, including a new Nurse Practitioner. The agency expects the following outcomes: 100 out of 300 (33%) of patients suffering from diabetes will demonstrate a reduction in average glucose level with strict monitoring through routine lab work and visits with our Endocrine Nurse Practitioner. 190 of 480 (39.5%) of patients with high cholesterol will show a reduction in their lipid profile. 350 out of 500 (70%) of patients needing further diagnostic testing will be financially assisted.