Family and Children’s Service

Founded in 1943, Family & Children’s Service (FCS) serves all people in crisis and transition by meeting them where they are, understanding their needs, and providing them with the resources they need. The mission of Family & Children’s Service is to connect individuals and families to hope, to healing, and to one another. FCS often ‘fills in the gaps’ in social services, creating a safety net to ensure that all children and families can be safe, healthy, and connected. Its outcomes for the year include: 80 or 80% of 100 of children will be able to maintain placement in a family setting and not require an increased level of care. 85 or 85% of 100 of children will experience placement stability, with no placement moves except for the purpose of achieving a higher level of permanence. 21,600 or 90% of 24,000 people in crisis or in need of emotional support will reach successful resolutions. 900 or 90% of 1,000 people who are suicidal or homicidal decrease the likelihood of harming themselves or others.