Interfaith Dental Clinic

The Interfaith Dental Clinic was founded in 1994 to bring people of all faiths together in a healing ministry, providing comprehensive and emergency dental care. Owned and managed by our local community, the mission of the Interfaith Dental Clinic is to restore, protect and improve the oral health of uninsured low-income, employed persons, their children and the elderly in Middle Tennessee through access to affordable, quality dental care, oral disease prevention services and oral health education. The agency’s outcomes for the year include: 1,000 patients will view a presentation on oral health and program participation. They will receive counseling on diet, oral cancer prevention, smoking cessation and cavity and gum disease prevention. They will be screened for oral cancer, high blood pressure and receive a complete oral examination. Patients will participate in developing a personalized treatment plan and will sign and commit to completing the plan. 1,600 patients will be relieved from pain, swelling, hemorrhage and/or acute infection. They will receive counseling on the etiology of their disease and be given recommendations for increased wellness involving oral hygiene, lifestyle changes and/or further treatment.