LEAD Academy


LEAD Academy, chartered in 2006, began its first classes in 2007. Today, LEAD Public Schools serves nearly 1,300 students in grades 5 through 12. LPS, Inc., a charter management organization, operates LEAD Academy, Cameron College Prep, Brick Church College Prep, and LEAD Prep Southeast. The grant requested in this application will be used to fund one full-time Counselor. This grant will cover salary, technology, and training materials. 228 out of 254 (90%) of students that participate in ongoing, weekly counseling sessions will demonstrate a 50% decrease in negative behavior as tracked by LEAD’s merit and demerit (called “marks”) system. 80% of LEAD Public Schools students that are in the RISE program (“RISE” or “Restoring Individual Student Excellence” is a program for students that struggle to adjust to LEAD’s expectations) and who participate in ongoing, weekly counseling will show increased coping and behavioral skills.