Martha O’Bryan Center, Inc.

On a foundation of Christian faith, the Martha O’Bryan Center empowers children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, employment, and fellowship. Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) was founded in 1894. The Center established its 501(c) 3 in 1951. Martha O’Bryan Center programs work together (joining family, community, schools) to provide education, employment, health, and practical support across a cradle to college to career continuum of programs in the Cayce Home area. The agency’s outcomes include: For Crisis Counseling, MOBC social workers will reduce family stress and stabilize financial well-being for 90 families (through wraparound service plans). Tied Together parenting program measures success using an evidenced-based evaluation tools, Nurturing Parents Program Adult-Adolescent Parent Inventory (AAPI): 80% of 80 of 100 of participants will show improvement in the following areas based on AAPI-2: appropriateness of expectations of their child, level of empathy towards their child’s needs; valuing alternatives to corporal punishment; appropriate expectations of parent-child roles; valuing child’s power and independence; 80% or 80 of 100 graduates will report increased social supports as measured in satisfaction post-survey. Domestic Violence Intervention with MNPD: a 20% increase in victim/survivor participants from the target area (Cayce Place) receiving services; 30% of victim/survivor participants will increase in their understanding of and methods to achieve self-sufficiency; 25% of students in families served will demonstrated an improvement in interpersonal skills.