Primary Care and Hope Clinic

Established in 1992, the Primary Care and Hope Clinic has existed as a comprehensive health care safety net program for the medically needy and uninsured, providing physical examination, provision for laboratory work, medication, specialist referral and social services. The clinic was developed to increase access of health care services to the community by combining the efforts of medical professionals and institutions, religious community, existing local resource agencies and community volunteers. Through the consistent delivery of health services, the clinic ensures that uninsured and underserved patients receive the care they need to get healthy and stay healthy. The agency’s goals/outcomes for the year include establishing a medical home for the uninsured, underinsured and/or underserved, as indicated by a patient-to-visit ratio of at least 2.8 during the grant period. This ratio indicates that patients are coming in for multiple visits, returning for follow-up care, lab work, and refilling their prescriptions. This is an indicator that the patient is working with their health care team to improve their health, rather than being seen only for urgent issues.