Safe Haven Family Shelter

For nearly 30 years, Safe Haven Family Shelter has served as the only shelter-to-housing program in Middle Tennessee that accommodates homeless families. It accepts married couples and single parent families with children up to 18 years of age. Through comprehensive education, counseling and support, families receive the tools necessary to return into a home of their own with secured employment. Its outcomes for the year include: 60 of the 75 families served, (based on our 80 percent success rate) will successfully graduate our programs and return into a home of their own with secured employment. 80 percent of the families that participate in the SHINE3 program will convey a greater understanding of three core principles: nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being. The program team will report the following data in comparison to 2013: Increased landlord partnerships for more affordable housing; shortened shelter stays to maximize resources and serve more families; increased reporting measurements from logic model including: resource access, services provided, and classes attended.