Salvus Center

The mission of Salvus Center is to be a faith-based health center that seeks to reclaim the Biblical and historical commitment to care for those who are sick and in need, so they might experience wholeness, wellness, and healing. In an effort to make medical care more accessible for all residents of Sumner County, a second clinic was opened in Hendersonville in 2008. In fall 2012, Salvus began offering dental care for patients. The funds requested in the application will support medical and dental care for people who have no other source for care. The agency’s outcomes include: providing educational/counseling on weight loss for 50 obese patients and 20 will improve their eating habits and lose weight, increasing the number of volunteer dentists to 25 and expand hours to include two evenings per week, and continuing to market the clinic’s services to ethnic populations and increase the number of ethnic patients by 10%.