Shade Tree Family Clinic

Founded as a free medical clinic by Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students in 2005, Shade Tree Clinic aims to fulfill a dual mission: care for East Nashville’s underserved population and educate compassionate future healthcare professionals. Multidisciplinary teams of medical, nursing, pharmacy, and law students — under the guidance of professionals in these fields — provide exemplary healthcare services free-of-charge to a community in need. The funds requested in the application will support medication for cardiovascular, pulmonary, and mental illnesses; supplies to manage chronic disease (insulin syringes, glucometers, glucose testing strips, etc.), patient transit subsidy, retinal exams and ophthalmology care, compensation for an accredited social worker, community educational seminars. The agency’s outcomes include 90 of 150 (60%) PHE patients will average at least one out-of-clinic “touchpoint” with a PHE to discuss disease management between routinely scheduled visits. 65 of 87 (75%) diabetic patients will reduce their A1c by at least 0.5% or be at goal A1c. 27 of 45 (60%) patients with an LDL cholesterol measurement over the past year of >130 will be at goal LDL <=130.