St. Thomas Family Health Centers

Aligned with Saint Thomas Health’s mission to provide healthcare to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, the Saint Thomas Family Health Centers are strategically located to provide quality healthcare to some of the most vulnerable, poor and at risk populations. The West Clinic (est.1995) and the South Clinic (est. 2001), and Saint Louise (est. 2011) provide medical, behavioral health, discounted laboratory and pharmacy assistance to thousands of low-income patients throughout Middle Tennessee. The grant request will be used to support the contractual supervisory Psychiatrist, a professional Spanish-speaking language interpreter, and a part-time Psychiatric NP. 80% of new patients (approximately 80 out of 100) needing a psychiatric referral will be scheduled for an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner within two weeks of meeting with a PCP. 70% of all patients (approximately 210 out of 300) enrolled in the program will have kept at least two follow-up visits, a measure of a patient’s commitment and the opportunity for the Psychiatric NP to adjust medicines/prescriptions when necessary.