St. Thomas Health Services Fund

Aligned with Saint Thomas Health’s mission to provide healthcare to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, the Saint Thomas Vincentian Clinics are strategically located to provide quality healthcare to some of the most vulnerable, poor and at risk populations. The West Clinic , the South Clinic , and Saint Louise Clinic and Eagleville provide medical, behavioral health, discounted laboratory and pharmacy assistance to thousands of low-income patients throughout Davidson and Rutherford Counties. The grant requested in this application will be used to fund salaries and associated benefits of three Certified Application Counselors; fingerprinting costs; mileage to rotate services among the Vincentian Clinics and Dickson Community Clinic and to commute to Outreach events and regional training; laptops to enroll patients; a color printer and supplies to create checklists, brochures and flyers. 60% of counseled individuals (between 2160 and 2592) report in a post-counseling session survey that they have a better understanding about the Insurance Exchange and feel confident that they can choose the best insurance program for themselves. 70% of individuals (between 308 and 462) that attend a Health Insurance Exchange Educational Session indicate on a survey that the information was useful to them to make decisions about their insurance needs and the appropriate insurance program for them.