Tennessee Justice Center


The Tennessee Justice Center, established in 1995, is a non-profit, public interest law and advocacy firm serving low income and vulnerable Tennesseans. They give priority to policy issues and civil cases in which the most basic necessities of life are at stake, and where their advocacy can benefit families statewide. They work to empower clients–by holding government accountable for its policies and actions. The grant requested in this application will be used to fund salaries, benefits, and ancillary expenses such as technology, travel, and printing costs for outreach and training programs related to health coverage enrollment and retention. Agency’s outcomes include: 60 children will become REACH clients. 42 of 50 (70%) of cases will be resolved. 36 of 42 children (85%) will receive needed health care and/or health insurance enrollment thanks to REACH’s advocacy; Agency will conduct at least five in-depth Health GPS trainings about specific timely issues such as TennCare reverification, training at least 200 stakeholders and enrollment specialists. Pre- and post-tests will be administered to evaluate understanding of TennCare eligibility rules and processes. At least 80% of trainees will demonstrate competency in the post-test. At least 30% will show a substantial improvement (>30%) in their scores between pre- and post-tests.