Welcome Home Ministries


Welcome Home Ministries is a faith-based alcohol and drug recovery support ministry, established in 1992 by our Founder and Executive Director, Daryl R. Murray. Its mission is “to enter worlds of brokenness in order that all might experience wholeness in Jesus Christ.” Its alcohol and drug recovery support ministry provides a structured 24/7 sober living community with services and support for men who suffer from chronic alcohol and drug addictions. The funds requested in the application will support salaries & wages, payroll benefits, equipment, postage & mailing, advertising & education, materials for dissemination, Lab/pathology, supplies, travel, professional Development/services, other program expenses, and indirect costs/administration overhead. The agency’s outcomes include: 13 out of 26 (50%) participants (annually) will maintain sobriety, remain in transitional housing and recovery support for 180 days, and/or graduate our recovery support program. 33 out of 65 (50%) participants (annually) will receive assistance from WHM in acquiring physical and/or mental healthcare services with professional healthcare treatment/service providers as needed. 9 out of 15 (60%) permanent supportive housing participants (annually) will maintain sobriety and self-sustainability and remain in permanent supportive recovery housing for at least one year.